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Simply essie

Nutty. Crispy. Oaty. flavorful. Quality at Simply Essie, always comes first. We only incorporate 100% USDA organic ingredients, while also trying to support our local farms the best that we can. Essie bakes in small batches to ensure uniformity, consistency and quality. All of our granola that we make is prepared and baked with the utmost care, and is always homemade from scratch. You can smell and taste the difference in every bite! 

simply granola

Hello World! Essie here! All my life, I have loved making and eating baked goods. Finding local and nonlocal bakeries and coffee shops have been a part of my daily life and adventure. There is nothing like starting my day with a fresh parfait, topped with crunchy, nutty granola and a cup of coffee. I hope that Simply Essie does the same for you!


Which brings us to how we came on this granola venture. Essie found that most of the granola in stores contain added sugars, high calories and unnecessary ingredients. We wanted to make granola  with the purest ingredients and only naturally sweetened with maple syrup.

Being a mother of two, I've made it my goal to craft and perfect a granola that anyone, of all ages, can enjoy.


simply sustainable

Our home, including our kitchen oven that we started Simply Essie in, is 100% powered by solar energy. 


The vehicles we use to purchase and pick up our ingredients are zero-emissions, fully electric and are 100% electrically charged by the energy produced by the sun. 


On top of that, the packaging that we use is made of high-quality food grade paper and plastic, which makes it completely reusable and recyclable. Granola that is shipped out is packed with biodegradable peanuts that dissolve in water. 

We are fully committed in doing our part in renewing our Earth's resources.

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